The International Forex Broker, is well known for offering various bonuses to her numerous traders and clients.

But the forex broker has also developed various types of bonuses that forex traders can get to their trading account and increase their capital.

The most popular of these bonuses is the instant welcome 30% bonus on every deposits made. Please view the various bonuses below and find the one you may be interested in.

1. Welcome Bonus 30%: Terms of depositing – instantly after the drawing-up of an application.

The floating Welcome Bonus 30% does not have any limitations on the number of application forms for its obtaining, the accounts’ quantity, opened by one person to get it and it is always attached to the sum which is used for the trading account replenishment.

In the case if the bonus is received for the second time the depositing sum made from the moment of the last bonus obtaining is taken into consideration.

Welcome Bonus 30% is not available for MT5 accounts.
2. InstaForex Club bonus: Extra bonuses for members of InstaForex Club. They can be credited as additional bonuses together with other types of bonuses.

3. InstaForex Coupon Bonuses: Credited to the affiliate accounts of InstaForex partners for high trading activity of their clients.


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