Office Address:

8, Akinfenwa Street, Off Thomas Salako Street,
Ogba Bus Stop.
Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos.

Support Email:
[email protected]


Account funding/withdrawals: 08167485652

General Support/Enquires: 08144333114





  1. How did you fund client forex trading account on and can i proceed online?(i mean by paying into your GTB account & fill online form with payment details).
    How many hours or day it take to credit my instaforex account after i
    made payment into your GTB account and submit online form with payment details?.
    How can i withdraw my profit instaforex after trading and covert it to cash.
    How much is lowest trading amount i can request for my instaforex account deposit balance from ?

  2. Dear sir,my name is Adepoju Folusho,account number 7311206, i fund my account with 400usd,i latter trade for some time i made some profit, am trying to withdrawing 1000usd,from my account via moneybooker but i latter discover that moneybooker do not support Nigeria,i cancel the transaction, i do not see my money on my instaforex account i right to finance department time without numbers no reply i latter right to [email protected] they reply me they sorry for delay that your money as been process,over tree weeks now,i latter right moneybooker maybe the money as been send to them moneybooker reply that that instaforex did not send any money via [email protected] to them, latter a friend of my introduce your site to me,sir please i need your assistance to make it possible to get my money back,i will be expecting your reply as soon as possible.Thanks.

    1. Dear Folusho
      You called us earlier, and we have explained to you what you need to do to get your withdrawal processed.
      Please chat with instaforex customer service and get back to us.
      Thank you

  3. I made a withdrawal of $100 from account number 2276960 on the 12th of February 2015, I want to know if you guys have deposited the money to my fidelity bank account 5331882643. Please send me a reply to my email, I am in a place where I cant use phone for now

    1. Dear Tosin Olorunlogbon,

      your withdrawal of $100 has longed been processed and paid to your Fidelity Bank account on the 13th February, 2015.

      Please confirm at your bank as transfer was made from our GTBank account.

      Thank you
      Instaforex Nigeria

  4. Hello,
    What are my benefits if i register through ur affiliate programe. Can i invest with u if i don’t want to trade?
    Secodly, i find it difficult to access my Perfect money Account, can u plz help me out?
    E. O. Irabor

    1. Dear sir,

      Benefits registering through our affiliate program includes subsidized deposit rate and also technical support service.

      Currently we do no offer investment programs on managing client’s funds. However we are looking into such in the nearest future.

      To access your Perfect money Account:
      Login to
      Click on ‘login’ at the top-right of the homepage.

      Enter your Member ID and password with the turning number included below and sign in to access your account.

      A PIN-CODE would be sent to your e-mail by Perfect Money to fully access your account due to security reasons.

      In case you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  5. hello.
    good afternoon, how are you doing right there?

    well, i have a problems with my account about a withdrawal issue but i was asked to send you a comments so that the case maybe solved.


    Sani Mohd.

    1. Dear Client,

      We encounter a particular issue in trying to process your account withdrawal.
      Please you have to contact Instaforex finance dept for it to be resolve.

      Thank you

  6. Dear Sir,
    Please sir, i need these Questions to be answered:
    1. Do you offer free FOREX Training to you Clients?
    2. What Qualifies the existing clients to enjoy 100% Bonus upon the funding
    of His/Her Instaforex Account with 100USD
    3. Is a client allowed to open more than one account with your Company?
    4. Pls, i only want to know much about MACD and its setting parameters

    Thanks for you usual cooperation
    Bamidele Tunde

  7. Why is Meta4 Trading Software Platform is no-longer lunching in after download on Nigerians computer systems. I have download several Forex Brokers Meta4 software on different computers and they could not lunch but rather stop the operation of the system and restart it. Please if there is any Forex Broker Meta4 trading software that can be lunch and work successfully on system in Nigeria let me know. I am very eager to start Forex trade. Thank you.

  8. The problem is from your computer and not from Nigerian computer systems. It might be as a result of a virus or bug on your system. You can format your system and download the MT4 set-up again and run it. It should work because mine works, so does every other trader i know.

    1. Dear sir,
      We only offer $100 bonus for clients who enroll for our Forex training program.
      Other bonus programs that you can access without enrolling for our Forex training class includes 55% and 30% bonus.

      Technical Department

    1. Dear sir,
      Can you please specify by what you mean “work”. And yes, you can trade commodities like crude oil on our platform.

      To access the crude oil instrument, right click on the market watch by the right side of your trading platform.
      Click on symbols and open the Futures Energy symbol. You’ll find the commodity (#CL)crude oil there.

      If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
      Technical Department

  9. I am in Ilorin kwara state Nigeria ,there was instaforex office at taiwo road in Ilorin since early last year but they just disappeared with some people money.please what can you say about this.Thanks.

    1. Dear Sir,

      We are Instaforex Representatives, operating from Lagos state, since
      November 2012.

      We don’t have any other office outside our present one stated above.

      We are also currently having a good standing with Instaforex and our
      numerous affiliate clients in Lagos and Nigeria.

      Please ensure you only deal with accredited Instaforex Representative
      Offices in Nigeria.
      Instaforex Nigeria.

  10. Good day Sir,
    just want to confirm and be sure how many days it takes to request for withdrawal and to get paid cos, i applied for a withdrawal on the 5th of October and am yet to be credited. Thanks Sir

    1. Your withdrawal was processed the same day, 5th October. But you submitted your dorm account details instead of your Naira account details.
      We replied you to send us your Naira bank details same day 5th October. Till now, you are yet to reply us.
      Please check your mail

    2. oh…sorry about that, did not see the mail but i have sent you details now..thanks

      another thing is, i want to open a new account with your affiliate company,how will i do that?

  11. Please I want to confirm how long it takes to receive value for withrawal placed. I have a friend who said he has placed a withdrawal on ur platform sibce 4 weeks ago and he said he has not received it.
    Also how much is the maximum withdreal one can place at a time.


  12. My name is Ajayi Michael Oluwole, I made payment into the trading a/c no: 2406083 I opened with you this morning around 9:30am with slip no 30466814 through your GTB a/c number and up till moment my account has not be funded. Can I know what is causing the delay please?

  13. Hi i made desire around 1oclock up to now my acount has not been credit was why pleasure i want know this my acount 7438079

  14. Sorry what i mean is i deposit this morning around 1oclock and up to now my acount has not been funded acount 7438079 am Joshua y

  15. Please i have onece register free sign for trading but it just stop now i can get it again i called the said i should go to your website and i can love it Please this is my acount 7438079 and my phone number 08031569601 my email [email protected]

  16. Dear sir,
    Its a very simple procedure, just click on fund account where you will be re-directed to our deposit page. There you will find our bank details.

    After making payment, all you need to do is fill the payment notification form found below our bank details and your deposit would be processed.

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  23. Hi sir,I open an account last year for someone ,when transferring there was no card verification…..I recently open one for myself that need card verification…. But it has been on on pending ever since ….no reply…pls I need help….

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