Coinmarketcap is one of the websites dedicated to the cryptocurrency market. Recently its profile has been rising steadily as more and more cryptocurrency traders are turning to it for credible, reliable and up-to-date information as regards everything cryptocurrency.

By simply logging on to, cryptocurrency traders are availed with rich contents as to how they can maximally benefit from the opportunities that abounds in the ever-growing cryptocurrency market. Coinmarketcap provides some of the most important information about cryptocurrencies such as market cap(i.e the total coins in circulation relative to current price), Volume (i.e the value of currency traded in a day), Price (e.g. exchange rates) and Supply (i.e the circulating supply of a currency).

In addition to the above information, another feature that makes coinmarketcap unique is that, it not only provides you information on markets to trade your cryptocurrency, it also gives you information on specific markets that best suits  the cryptocurrency you are trading on. For example if you are trading in bitcoin, the website tells you the best market and also the obtainable price for your bitcoins, ditto ethereum. It is important to note however, that coinmarketcap is not an exchange site in itself but provides a link to a credible exchange site.

If you are a cryptocurrency trader looking for a one-stop website for resource on everything cryptocurrency, then coinmarketcap is the site for you as it is detailed, insightful and very user-friendly. With this website, you can be rest assured to derive maximum benefit from your cryptocurrency as it gives you 24-hour realtime analysis on how a particular cryptocurrency is doing in the market in terms of volume available at a particular point in time, its price, exchange rate and supply. It also gives you a graphical chat to inform you pictorially, if the currency is either appreciating or depreciating in value, whether the price is high or not corresponding to the exchange rates.

With all these information, a cryptocurrency trader can easily make very important business decisions  such as:

  1. Knowing when to invest in the cryptocurrency of his/her choice
  2. Knowing the particular cryptocurrency to invest in (e.g. bitcoin or ethereum)
  3. Knowing when to quickly sell his/her cryptocurrency to make maximum profit
  4. Being able to make near accurate future predictions on the viability of their cryptocurrency
  5. Knowing the cryptocurrency that is most viable at a given point in time so as to exchange them for cash .

These decisions will ensure that that the trader is constantly making profit from his/her cryptocurrency.

Let us give you a little insight on how to understand some of the things you would come across on the website. If for instance you want to get your market cap which is the total coin in circulation relative to current price, simply look-up the supply and price and then multiply the two. This gives you your market cap. Hence, when the market cap is high and the volume is also high, it simply means that the currency is doing well. Which means that smart traders will most likely trade at this time.

With these basics, any cryptocurrency trader should be able to take full advantage that this site provides. Little wonder then that this site is ranked as the number one (1) website in the cryptocurrency industry.

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