Hello Investors,

I would proceed straight to the point without saying many stories. Our business (MyTopExchange.com) is a forex trading, e-currency and cryptocurrency Company.

In operation since 2012, formerly known as Forextrading23.com, we deal mainly on the exchange of various e-currencies, cryptocurrencies. We are the Official Introducing Broker office for InstaForex broker in Nigeria, https://www.instaforex.com/offices?p=19

We are an Approved Payment Agent for popular Binary Options broker, Binary.com https://www.binary.com/en/cashier/payment_agent_listws.html

Our bitcoin escrow exchange service is fully verified on LocalBitcoins.com https://localbitcoins.com/accounts/profile/mytopexchange/

Our Lagos office address is verified on Google My Business. https://maps.google.com/maps?ll=6.632915,3.34042&z=16&t=m&hl=en-US&gl=NG&mapclient=embed&cid=1347159057267297264

I stated the above in order to assure you we are a legitimate company with an invaluable name to protect.

That stated, we are looking at ways of improving our business and an also expand our operations. Hence we are looking for smart investors who will invest in our business at zero risk to them and get good returns monthly.

We are not talking about any get rich quick scheme, forex trading or ponzi stuff. We intend using investor’s funds in expanding our marketing activities; attract new partnerships with more financial companies like the ones I listed above and also expand our presence nationwide.



PROFIT: N25,000 monthly

RISK: 0%


  1. Investor must have a valid means of identification: Nigerian Passport or Driver’s License or National ID card
  2. Must provide us with a valid proof of address: LAWMA bill or recent PHCN/Ikeja Electric bill or recent bank account statement
  3. Investor would have to visit our Lagos office for account registration and documentation.


We are 100% certain your funds are safe and secure with us. But just to assure a little further, we would draft a legal agreement between our Company and ANY Investor that choose to partner with us using our company Lawyer or ANY Lawyer of the Investor’s choice.

The main information in the Agreement would be the GUARANTEE of the Investor’s CAPITAL (N125,000) only. The Investor can DEMAND for this Capital at any time of the investment period, which signifies automatic cancellation of the investment and payout of ANY earned profit for that period within 30 days. No stories from our end.

Once the investment start running, we guarantee to pay Investor’s monthly (every 30 days) profit of N25,000. We RESERVE the right to CANCEL the investment and RETURN the Investor’s Capital (N125,000) at anytime.

We intend to run this investment opportunity for as long as possible but we DO NOT guarantee how long it would last. So hurry while it’s available.

Remember, it’s exactly N125,000 Capital to receive N25,000 profit monthly, plus your Capital back at any time.

Limited investors are required. Once we meet our limit, we stop accepting new investors.


Got questions or enquires concerning this investment?

Interested Investors can contact us by calling this number 08101866047

Or visiting our Lagos office address https://mytopexchange.com/contact-us.php


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