In the world of science, computer and technology, one of the topic discussed is the use of blockchain technology. As a continent, Africa has what it needs and requires to succeed and thrive in the world of technology, science and cryptocurrency but, it hasn’t gotten to the level when it will be compared and also compete with authority places like the United States of America, the United Kingdom and the entire countries in Europe.

Nevertheless, Africa who don’t look as though they are left behind, has companies which are emerging and springing up from different places with tools and blockchain products which will make a better life in the world of blockchain technology. In on hierarchical order, these are some of the list of blockchain companies in the black continent.

  1. Bitland

Bitland is a blockchain organization for public records which is based in Ghana. It services aims at providing services that will enable companies, individuals, enterprises and organizations to survey land and have a recorded data report in the Bitshares Blockchain technology network.

Bitland has made it possible for land surveys to be recorded and confirmed on the Bitshare Blockchain throug an automated record system which has been made realized with blockchain technology.

Bitland is presently based in Kumasi, Ghana and it is working on reaching out its branches and expanding it’s reach to other countries in Africa.

  1. Bankymonn

Bankymonn is a blockchain company which is solely focused on providing bitcoin payment routes to smart meter vendors through the use of blockchain technologies. The South African blockchain company creates an avenue for vendors to accept the use of bitcoin for payment of their products and services.

Bankymonn is working on a platform which will remove middlemen and therefore, reduce the costs of transaction. It is a blockchain for utility payments.

  1. The Sun Exchange

The Sun Exchange is a South African oriented company for solar energy production. It sets a platform where people can purchase solar cells and get solar plants and power in the places which are the sunniest on earth. These solar plants and cells can be gotten from The Sun Exchange to places where it will be needed or consumed like schools, industries, factories, markets, offices etc.

The Sun Exchange has a revenue sharing and collection system that will make people to earn a passive income from a solar equipment which is powered by the sun. The company accepts a digital currency (Bitcoin), as its payment method which will attract no additional charges on its users.

  1. Custos Tech Media

Custos Tech Media seeks out to assist the entertainment industry in the fight against piracy by providing a solution which will be solved by the use of Bitcoin. Most content owners, musician and entertainers get low revenue from their music and content because of pirates who reproduce, distribute and monetize their contents without permission. In order to eliminate this trend, Custos Tech came out with a system that gives room for content owners to manage, distribute as well as to protect sensitive data when it is being given to customers.

Custos tech is able to protect sensitive digital media when it goes viral because of its technology which prevents any content which has been downloaded to be uploaded by putting bounties into the media given to customers. Custos Tech Media is based in South Africa.

  1. OTLW

OTLW is a company originally founded in Kenya as a blockchain for education. OTLW works with a team of developers who are coming up with an educational platform in which educational materials and tolls will be accessed and distributed with the aid of technology. The application in which the developers brought about is supported by mass amount materials of educational standard which is made accessible online, the assessment is built on Ethereum blockchain technology.

  1. Blockchain Tech Hub

The Nigerian based company is acclaimed to be the largest and biggest blockchain company in the African continent. The company created an initiative which provides solutions to cryptocurrency problems and tools to utilize and expand the crytocurrency landscape in Africa. As a comapny, it has different sub-company and enterprises which it seeks to use to achieve different purposes.

  • Satowallet: This is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet in Africa which is currently used as an e-wallet in more than 30 countries in the world.
  • Abjcoin: Abjcoin is an initiative by Blockchain Tech Hub Nigeria Ltd which seeks to foster trade and commerce activities.
  • CoinEasyBuy: CoinEasyBuy allows anybody to pay for goods and services globally.

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