You can now perform exchange transactions of Bitcoin to PayPal transfer.

We are presently developing our custom e-currency exchange platform where our international customers can carry out automated transactions for not just BTC to PayPal exchange, but for all other major e-currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Our main website is meant for e-currency exchange for customers resident in Nigeria only.

So in the meantime, clients that want to receive PayPal funds in exchange for Bitcoin can trade with us by contacting any of our support lines or email as seen in our

WhatsApp: +2348065167701, +2349039962993

Email: [email protected]

Skype: forextrading23


Bitcoin to PayPal Exchange Terms

Our BTC to PayPal Rate is current BTC/USD rate plus 3% i.e. ( rate + 3%)

We would send you our BTC address so you can make the transfer or we can use escrow if you so desire.

Give us your PayPal e-mail and we will send the payment.

The PayPal payment will be sent as Good and Services.

The PayPal fee is on your side.

We DO NOT accept refund in any case

Your PayPal account has to be verified to receive the payment from us.

Our PayPal payment won’t cause any problems or chargeback to your Paypal account.

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