If you are into the cryptocurrency-market exchanges, then you should seriously consider the Bitclub Advantage company in Nigeria.


Bitclub Advantage is a financial peer service company with its Head office located at the International Trade Centre, Brazil and founded by Alex Pereri. He formed the company with a team of professional money managers to provide it’s affiliates (clients) with constant and consistent profit in the cryptocurrency market.

Alex Pereri is widely regarded as having the best experience when it comes to managing a network marketing organization. His early years were spent in “FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS & MONAVIE”, almost totaling twenty (20) years of accumulated experience. He has traded in NASSA COINS for a long period.

Armed with this wealth of experience  from all the listed sectors of the economy, he went on to form Bitclub Advantage Academy with its main Product being “Training Courses on Cryptocurrency Trading” and arranged in different Packages. They have been trading since 1999.

Bitclub has offices in U.K, Hong Kong, Spain,  Germany, France, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda and was recently introduced to the Nigerian market on 1st June, 2017 being last year.

As an investment platform founded and controlled by a team of experts in  cryptocurrency trades, Sports and provision of Cryptocurrency training courses, Bitclub Advantage makes money by engaging the services of professionals who are experts in the above markets to trade with any investor’s money.

This is the same way companies hire top notch employees to pilot the affairs of the company whilst also attaining set profit targets in the process. Bitclub also partners with FIFA, BRAZIL FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION and LA LIGA.


If you have been looking for a genuine method on how to make money trading bitcoins or how to make money mining bitcoin, then I suggest you carefully learn about how Bitclub Advantage works.

First things first, this is not another MMM. The MMM Nigeria ponzi that swept through the country last year left a lot of people frustrated, but the warnings was always there. Any system that based the means of earning money on its platform as referrals only is always bound to overload at some point and crash eventually.

However, Bitclub Advantage is different. With Bitclub Advantage, members are not paid their return on investment from another member’s deposit. Your money is actually being utilized by experts who invest it in the financial market and make gains with it.

It is from this gains made that profit is remitted back to you on daily basis. If you ask me, i will say this is probably one of the easiest, simplest  and surest way of making passive legit income from your invested money. What this means in other words is that, once you invest your money with Bitclub Advantage, their team of experts go into financial trading services for you. They utilize their expertise to trade your money on the selected niches like cryptocurrencies, sports events, etc.  You are paid from the profitable returns made from this trades.


  1. i) The main focus of the company is to generate daily and consistent profits for its affiliates.
  2. ii) The Returns offered by Bitclub Advantage is 300% per year. However, depending on your choice, you can decide to get paid weekly or monthly.

iii) The company trades on your behalf through its team of experts.

  1. iv) Bitclub Advantage allows you to monitor the trading activities by providing you information on the nature of its trades.
  2. v) The Information Technology department of Bitclub Advantage also developed and maintains a high-tech software that automates trade operations in the cryptocurrency market.
  3. vi) Bitclubs Trading System is updated on a daily basis to maintain a high accuracy rate for any transaction.

vii) Numerous attractive packages. More on this later.

viii) Bitclub focuses on Providing stability and profitability to its affiliates.


You can register on the company’s website platform . After registration, you can then proceed to buy an investment package.

click here to register: http://bitclubadvantage.academy

You will start earning your daily income after successful purchase of a package. You also have access to monitor your package on the site and can make a withdrawal request until you fully earn your 300% return on investment. Remember, you can make weekly or monthly withdrawals. It’s all your choice.


The company offers a variety of different packages which affiliates are at liberty to purchase from and start earning. Once you purchase a package, you start earning. You don’t need to recruit or engage in referrals. However, engaging in referrals offers its own bonuses too if you have the time and marketing skills to execute same.

The packages are listed below:

Membership Points Daily Payout Weekly Gains Monthly Gains Return On Investment
Client Bronze-cost =$99 $15 20 $1.35 $6.75 $29.70 300% {44 wks)
Client Silver-Cost= $249 $15 50 $3.39 $16.95 $74.58 300% (44 wks)
Client Gold- Cost =$499 $15 100 $6.79 $33.95 $149.38 300% (44 wks)
Client Premium- Cost =$999 $30 200 $13.59 $67.95 $298.98 300% (44 wks)
Client Black-Cost = $1,999 $30 400 $30.78 $153.90 $677.16 300% (39 wks)
Client Senior-Cost=$3,499 $49 750 $53.98 $269.90 $1187.56 300% (39 wks)
Client Master- Cost= $4,999 $49 1000 $76.98 $384.90 $1693.56 300% (39 wks)


The above listed packages is the brief outlay of the packages available and their cost.

Other benefits offered by the company to increase your 300% returns is by utilizing Bitclub Advantage referrals system. Tech giants like Amazon and AliExpress also use referral systems that earn you gift cards and coupons that can be converted into raw cash or used to purchase products in their respective sites. It’s just the same.


You can use the following means to withdraw your money:

  1. Through your Bitcoin wallet. As a Nigerian, Luno Wallet is highly recommended to aid faster conversion to local currency.

2) Withdraw from your Luno Wallet to your Nigerian Bank account directly.

  1. You can earn Naira equivalent by using your earnings to activate for new affiliates.

3)You can also use MasterCard upon request on any ATM anywhere in the world.

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