There is an increasing value of the Ripple coin XRP in Nigeria and other countries. Records in the year 2017 confirm an increase of up to 39000% and up to 1000% by January 2018. Nevertheless the trending issues in Nigeria is the wallet to store this and they are not many in Nigeria. I will discuss with you in this article the best Ripple XRP wallet providers in Nigeria.

Take note that there is a difference between bitcoin and ripple wallets.

Ripple wallets tend to cost a fee paid one time in order to secure. Sending a 100 XRP will cost 20 XRP for securing purposes. It is possible to have multiple XRP wallets provided you pay 20 XRP for each of them. The following XRP wallet providers can be accessed by Nigerians.

1) Rippex Wallet Provider

Rippex is a category of desktop wallets and it is made precisely for ripple wallets. It functions offline giving you ultimate control of your coin and it is a hardware wallet. Download the wallet’s application first to your computer and the mobile version is not yet available.

Installation of rippex is possible on Windows, Linux and Mac and you can have downloaded and installed on your computer. Ensure that you use a password that is mixed for this account and also select ‘encrypt account’ when registering.

2) Ledger NanoS

This is a hardware type of wallet and it functions for 27 cryptos and this include the ripple XRP. Note also that hardware wallets are the safest to operate and they are offline. Their offline nature let’s you move around with them inside your pocket and they are not prone to hacking like wallets online.

The disadvantage of hardware wallets is that the currency is lost with the device due to no software storage. Purchasing of the Ledger Nano is obtainable at 79€.


This is another ripple platform and you can purchase and store cryptocurrencies and ripples.

There are also other exchangers that also render the same service and they include Bittrex, Binance and gate10.

4) Gatehub

This is another official wallet available online for ripple and the users can sell and purchase Ripple XRP. The interface is awesome of the market and stat show here.

You can also do the diversification of your portfolio. Trading of many items like silver and gold including XRP and Bitcoin is obtainable with Gatehub .

5) Coinpayment

This is for you if you are a merchant and you intend to get payments for your services and goods in ripple. Coin Payment offers you wallet and other cryptos and you can join it with your online store to receive payment.

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