Money is needed starting up a business, new project, paying for treatment, sponsorships, etc. Sometimes, it might be difficult for a person to raise such money all by themselves especially when the sum is on the high side. For this, crowdfunding platforms were introduced. These are simply online platforms where different people can contribute money for a particular course. There are widely used and if you are considering raising money via crowdfunding, here are the best crowdfunding platforms you can use in Nigeria.

  1. GoFundMe

Founded in 2010, GoFundMe is about the most popular crowdfund raising platform on the internet. The platform is open for both individuals and non-profit organizations. You can fundraise in a wide number of categories which include Medical, Emergency, Memorial, Education, Business, and so many more. To use GoFundMe, you just need to sign up, set your target amount, add a description, and upload pictures/videos. After that, you can launch your project, share your links and you can withdraw funds immediately they get donated.

  1. KickStarter

Kickstarter was launched in 2009 and although being a US-based crowdfunding platform, Nigerians can also make use of it. Since its inception, KickStarter has been used to crowdfund more than 180,000 creative projects accumulating to over $5 million. The platform has a major focus on creativity. This makes it an ideal fundraising platform for artists, artistes, actors, photographers, videographers, designers, and the likes. If you want to raise money for medical cases, politics, etc, KickStarter is not the platform for you.

  1. CrowdFunder

When talking about equity crowdfunding, CrowdFunder is one of the best platforms out there. As a company or business owner, you can sell shares to a wide range of investors via CrowdFunder to raise capital. About 130,000 business owners make use of CrowdFunder. However, CrowdFunder is a premium crowdfunding platform which means you have to pay for subscriptions if you wish to crowdfund on the platform. Subscription starts at $299 per month.

  1. Fund An Enterprise

Fund An Enterprise is a Nigerian-based crowdfunding platform for enterprises. It is the first crowdfunding platform for micro, small, and medium scale businesses in Nigeria. So many Nigerians make use of the Fund An Enterprise platform and it is very easy to use. No matter what business niche you are specialized in, you can raise capital using Fund An Enterprise. Being an EFCC and SCUML registered platform, you can count on its authenticity.

  1. QuickRaiz

This is a relatively new crowdfunding platform based in Nigeria; it was launched in 2018. QuickRaiz is ideal for personal fundraising and also fundraising for organizations. Whatever you need to raise money for, you can do so on the platform. The QuickRaiz platform is certified by Visa, MasterCard, and Verve. Users get a Verve QuickRaiz card for withdrawing money from ATMs.


Making use of these platforms is very easy. Also, they are free to use so you won’t be paying any money. All you have to do is to share your link and others can contribute their payment via it.

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