In the world of FOREX trading, there are four major aspects that makes the journey relaxing for traders which are (i) cheaper deposit rate (ii) conducive trading environment (iii) satisfactory withdrawal rate (iv) fast transaction processing time. Tamper with any of these four in the equation and FOREX trading might be stressful for you as a trader. In mytopexchange, we constantly strive to give you the best of the best service as an instaforex Introducing Broker.

Creating an instaforex account under our Affiliate group is very easy and fast which comes with its own benefits. This can be done by inputting our Affiliate code ‘DPUN’ while filling the form in the registration process of opening an instaforex trading account.

Some clients do not know the major benefits associated with being a member of our Affiliate group. In case you do not know, these are the major benefits below.


Clients who open their instaforex trading account under our affiliate group are rewarded ALWAYS with a cheaper deposit rate at every given point in time unlike non-affiliate clients whose deposit rate is ALWAYS slightly higher. As at the current moment of writing this article, our deposit rate for affiliate client is N365/$1 while non-affiliate client is N410/$1. That’s a whooping difference of N45! Suppose you are funding a thousand dollars into your trading account as an affiliate client, you will be paying N365,000 and saving N45,000 for yourself unlike non-affiliate who will have to pay N410,000.


Due to the fact that our affiliate clients already have their instaforex profile data in our database, withdrawals initiated by affiliate clients are obliged to be processed faster with ease by default unlike non-affiliate clients who have to send a screen shot of their instaforex profile page showing their instaforex account number and name. This is a mandatory protocol non-affiliate clients have to pass though, hence could delay withdrawal processing.


  1. Instaforex won’t let down their traders. They always provide the best services they can offer and they constantly ask feedback from clients so that they would know where else they could improve on. But for me, I cannot ask for anything more. The platform rarely has issues. It’s always working well and my orders are executed quickly. I never once received any re-quotes. Then they even have contests and bonuses to keep the excitement of the traders. They even have affiliate programs like this that gives traders exclusive benefits. And of course, there are no problems in terms of withdrawal and deposit requests. As long as you have verified your account, withdrawal will take only 1-2 days. Last time I withdrew $560 and it was transferred to me after 24 hours. A big thumbs up, Instaforex!

  2. I have already tried a number of brokers, looking for the perfect match for me. They individually have their strong points but they also always had a downside that is significant enough to make me look for another one. Finally, I landed on Instaforex through an ad and I was surprised to see that all the good points that the other brokers I’ve tried, Instaforex has it all! From the competitive spreads, fast execution, responsive customer support, quick deposit and withdrawal process, and generosity in terms of bonuses and contests. It has been two years since I started at Instaforex and they have always been consistent in providing the best services.

  3. Instaforex claims to be the best in Asia so I decided to open an account with them. Besides. I also read many positive reviews about this broker while researching about it. This is the first broker I ever tried so I have no point of comparison but with what I experience with this broker, I can say that this is definitely outstanding and reliable. I joined the ForexCopy system and copied the trades of one of the top traders (but only on the EUR/USD pair). The trader is excellent and he boosted my account. I am still under that feature but I am also practicing so I can start trading on my own.

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