Today, a great popularity of Forex is mainly caused by the fact that in order to start trading on the market, you just need a computer and Internet access and do not have to invest large sums of money. There is one more advantage and also a trader can use the advisors for automated trading.

People, who have just started their work at Forex, very often do not have the required experience and knowledge in order to begin trading on their own. That is why about 70% of traders use the automated trading – advisors. The usage of the automatic trading system helps to avoid the influence of the human emotions, panic, excitement, etc. on the trade process. The advisors are developed on the basis of long experience of the successful traders and professional analysts. However, even the programs of automated trading can not guarantee 100% profit; nevertheless, due to them you start trading on the Forex market, having minimum of knowledge and experience in this area.


What is the automated trading, alos known as the trading with the help of expert advisors?

Advisors are special programs that include different modules which process and analyze charts and indices received by a trader from the broker.

Automated trading software was developed and used by traders for a long time, and every year the number of such programs grows, a lot of them are updated and has become more advanced in their performance. Trading with modern expert advisors allows to receive profit as well as to get familiar with the Forex market and acquire skills and knowledge, which are required to trade successfully.

The major part of advisors, provided by different companies for the automated trading, as a rule, does not require special skills to start work with. To start trading you just need to download and install them. The result is usually immediate.

In most cases the automated trading systems are provided for free, with the detailed description of program’s functions, but sometimes the description does not correspond to its real possibilities. That is why despite all the advantages of advisors, you should not rely on them completely. Traders, who have enough experience and know much about trading strategies, start independent trading, predicting the movements of exchange rates on short-term time frames.

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