Amazon is the number 1 marketplace on the internet with millions of products, sellers, and buyers. There so much money to make off the platform and one way is by joining the Amazon Associates Affiliate program. This is a platform where you can earn money by referring people to purchase products on Amazon. You can earn up to 10% commission for every sale with Amazon Associates and the platform provides tools to make the work easy.

Though Amazon is not very active in Nigeria, you can register with their affiliate program and still earn from it. However, this implies that you have to advertise and refer products to people in other countries where Amazon is widely used. For most Amazon Associates members in Nigeria, the best country to target is the United States. Joining the program is one thing and making money is another, in this post, we’ll cover both

How To Start Earning With Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Before registering with Amazon Associates, you need to get your platform ready. This platform can be a website, blog, or mobile application. It is on these platforms that you advertise products on Amazon for others to buy.

The best platform to use is a website or blog. Launch a website, preferably, a review website where you write about Amazon products and include buying links for your readers to buy. A random blog will also work but you’ll be displaying the product links as ads and banners. Going with a dedicated product review website is the best option unless your blog has so many foreign visitors.

To succeed, it is necessary that you pick a specific Amazon product niche. It is recommended that your product niche reflects on your websites’ URL so it is clear to visitors what products you’re advertising. Also, you should go with a .com domain; avoid Nigerian domains like .ng and

An important thing you should do is targeting your website to a foreign country (the USA preferably). This can be done via Google Search Console; Google is the most used search engine by million miles so you would rely on it mainly for traffic. To do this;

  • Login to your Google Search Console account. Create an account and verify your website if you do not own an account already.
  • From the right tab, click on Legacy tools and reports then select International Targeting
  • Navigate to the Country tab and select your target country from the list of countries

It is also important that your website has contents before registering with Amazon Affiliates. Your website will be reviewed and if it’s new without contents, you could get rejected – the probation period for new websites is recommended at 180 days. Write quality and honest product review articles and publish on your website – you can hire a writer if you cannot write yourself. For a start, 7 – 10 articles should be good.

At this point, you can now register on the platform. Registration is easy and unlike before, you do not need a US number, your Nigerian number will work just fine. To register;

Bottom Line

After submitting your registration form, your website will be reviewed and if it’s content-rich it will be accepted. From your dashboard, you can get product links and banner codes to advertise on your website. With this, you’re ready to start earning and will earn once any customer clicks on your affiliate links or banners and makes a purchase.

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