I would like to introduce you to my new custom indicator, IV Jempol. This indicator is the best signal indicator have ever used.

Its signals are over 75% accurate, it doesn’t repaint or duplicate its signals. The signals comes with an alert sound that notifies you of new


It works with any time frame and currency pair. But i experience vital success with it on the 15M and 30M period.

For me, using this custom indicator, you should be able to make a lot of pips every day as the signals comes quite early with new trend


I have also attached another powerful custom indicator that informs you of market volatility, Chaikin Volatility.

What it does is to measure the average strength of the market over a given period.

You that the market needs to move for you to make good pips, a dull market could be very boring.

Therefore Chaikin tells you how strong or how weak a market trend may be.

Using this indicator, a value of 20 and above should indicate high volatility in the market presently.


I would advise a trader to apply both custom indicators into his trading strategy.

Once the IV Jempol has provided BUY/SELL signals, check the volatility reading from the Chaikin indicator for a value of 20 and

above beforeĀ  placing your trade.


I have attached both indicators for you to download.

Signal Indicators download

Once downloaded, copy and paste them to your Experts >> Indicators folders inside your MetaTrader program file.

Please find their images on the chart below.

signals indicator chart



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  2. Accurate No repaint, Alert Signal indicator and Volatility Indicator for your Trading (free download)
    IS there a way to put an audio alert for this indicator?

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