An Internal transfer involves the transfer of available funds from one account to another by an account holder within a broker. Internal transfers also act as withdrawals is disguise. This is a very useful instrument provided by brokers to traders if well understood but many traders fail to know the importance of internal transfers.


Before the introduction of internal transfers, traders would withdraw funds normally from their trading account and re-deposit it back to the new intending account of making deposits.  You can actually save yourself the stress and time by following these simple 7 steps in transferring your funds between your accounts.

1. Visit on your web browser

2. On instaforex webpage, Log-in into your account where you want the transfer to be made from.

3. After log-in in, by the left side of the page, click on “Money withdrawal” in the menu list on the Financial operations column.

4. Select “transfer” in the list of available options for withdrawals by clicking on it.

5. Input the Amount desired to be transferred and click the “continue” button

6. Fill in your account number you want funds to be transferred to, Recipients comment, and your Pin-code giving to you when you originally opened the account you are transferring funds from (this is usually sent to your e-mail or via SMS to your phone)

7. After inputting this parameters, click on “send request” and your money will be transferred to your receiving account.


Note: Bonuses and prize money can not be transferred between accounts.


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